When Sports and Adult Cerebral Palsy Mix, Every Day Is Game Night for One Loyal Fan Battling CP

Written by CerebralPalsySymptoms on 20 Jan 2016

For one cerebral palsy patient found hanging around City College in California, the tendency to catch attention doesn’t necessarily stem from his mobility issues, but rather, the boisterous and bold support Anthony Federer is known to exude for his team- City College. While hardly feeling relegated to the role of a sideline fan, Anthony’s cerebral palsy condition hardly diminishes Federer’s well-known allegiance and attendance at City College Sports events, where the anomaly would be not finding Anthony astride his lime green wheelchair proudly wearing his City College t-shirts and hoodies.  While Anthony declines to understand the visible peculiarity of his passion for City College sports, mentioning that the excitement gets the best of him at many to most games, the local community has come to appreciate and rely upon Antony’s vociferous support n any number of CCC athletic matches.

Other fans, including his own mother Susan Federer, note the extraordinary passion exuded by Anthony in the depths of a highly dramatic match or game, while also noting Anthony’s nearly athletic discipline and consistency to CCC sports events with Anthony becoming a regular at a robust variety of sporting events in and around Hughes Stadium on the City College Campus. How serious is Anthony’s dedication to a near fanatic support of ICC athletics? In the dark days between the off-seasons of fall and spring collegiate, athletic seasons, Anthony and his mother can reliably be found watching co-rec basket in the North Gym on campus.  Many athletic teams at CCC, including those followed by Federer at times in what can only be described as a die-hard fashion, on the other hand, frequently forgo winter break training.

However, as Anthony notes, winter sets the stage for Spring, and in turn, the return of his favorite sport, which is softball. Moreover, while Anthony gains the most visibility from his regulatory and the vociferousness of his spectating style, he also plays several sports locally himself as well.

While confined to a wheelchair the majority of his life due to cerebral palsy complications, Anthony rarely feared venturing towards, if not on the sports field eagerly at City College. Moreover, the knowledge brought to the multiplicity of the City College teams followed by Federer stands as fairly impressive, with Anthony retaining significant statistical, analytical, and predictive color commentary on a whim regarding the individual standings of his City College teams. The favorite of Federer, of course, includes the “…well rounded and defensively deep” City College girls’ softball team for this upcoming Spring season.

Obviously a biased spectator at best by most, his mother Susan also concedes that the softball women’s teams hold a special place in the heart of Antony, who enjoys preparing and delivering well-honed pickup lines to the flattered and just as engaging ladies of the City College softball team. But once the action commences, the flirting usually stops, with Anthony’s unique ability to combine numerical knowledge into his sports viewing experience as being highly unusual, and according to his mother, perhaps this numeric-strategic thinking in the heat of the action provides Anthony the edge that brings rating of his hometown fandom from loyal to legendary. Moreover, when the majority of cerebral palsy patients face chronic lifelong disabilities and worsening complications, a frequent comorbid condition likely in CP patients even with significant intervention by family members and practitioners to encourage wide-ranging and engaging interests that are commensurate with the unique cognitive and physical disabilities of each patient. In Anthony’s case near consummate interest in predominantly City College sports, as well participating in his own athletic pursuits, leaves both Anthony and his mother’s lives appreciably interesting, active, and worth embracing each day despite the nature of her son’s cerebral palsy. Moreover, to many other regular fans, and, of course, coaches and athletes, a missed match by Federer and his mother are legitimate causes for concern, but also, Anthony is expected to help support City College athletics in their home matches.



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