Infant Brain Damage Prognosis

brain damageInfant brain damage is a serious condition that can place your child’s life at risk and even take their life in many cases. The condition can occur for a number of different reasons and the outcome of each instance is different depending on a myriad of factors. Children who have suffered any type of infant brain damage need to receive immediate care to heighten their chances of survival.

The Initial Brain Damage Assessment

Before a prognosis can be given to your child, you will need to go in for a consultation. During the consultation, your child will be assessed and you will need to answer questions about what happened, how it happened, and the child’s symptoms. If you are not sure how the trauma happened, you will need to answer other questions about your child’s health, whose care they were in, and more.

During the appointment, doctors will request a scan of your child’s head to see how much damage has occurred. Once the assessment is over, your child’s doctor will provide you with a prognosis and treatment plan for your child. Depending on the severity of the condition, your child may need to undergo immediate surgery.

Types of Prognosis Your Child May Receive

There are a number of outcomes that your child may be given when infant brain damage has occurred. It is important to learn more about each infant brain damage prognosis so that you can understand where your child is at and what you need to do.

Mild Forms of Brain Damage

A mild form of infant brain damage is the most common type and children who are given this prognosis are typically able to recover from the condition without serious, lasting injuries; however, some developmental delays may exist or the child may run into problems with their psychological development. It is important for immediate treatment to be given to help lessen the likelihood of lasting effects.

Although most children do recover from this condition, it can take time and your child may not show improvements right away. There will be times that the child does well and other times where the child regresses and needs additional support – this is normal.

Serious Forms of Brain Damage

In serious brain damage cases, an infant may suffer extreme trauma to their brain and the condition could lead to death. It is essential that you receive emergency care to help stop any swelling of the brain. When this condition occurs, the child will need to undergo treatments which may include surgery to alleviate pressure placed on the skull from the damage.

It is not uncommon for a child to be in a coma-like state after the procedure and the child may or may not wake up from the surgery, depending on how severe the brain damage was. Unfortunately, infants who undergo this amount of trauma to the brain have an unknown prognosis, but in most cases, the prognosis is that the child will have many disabilities while growing.

Hiring an Attorney

If your child is suffering from infant brain damage because of the neglect of someone else, you need to seek legal counsel. Whether your child has a bright or grim prognosis, no child should suffer through this condition. Your attorney will be able to help you navigate through the medical and legal jargon and form a case by gathering evidence and statements. If the reason behind your child’s condition is due to another, criminal charges can be filed as well. Your attorney will be able to walk you through all of the necessary steps to obtaining compensation for your child.

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