Infant Brain Damage Lawsuit

lawIf your child has suffered from infant brain damage, you may be able to get financial support to care for them. The cost of a diagnosis and treatment for your child will be high and can cause you to stress about your finances. When a brain injury has occurred at the fault of someone else, you do not deserve to have to incur all of the payments and financial stress that go along with the diagnosis. It is important to have a team of lawyers on your side to fight back and get the infant brain damage financial support you need.

What Type of Financial Support Can You Get?

There are a variety of types of support you can receive from an infant brain damage case including compensation for:

  • Your child’s injuries
  • Medical bills
  • Medical related expenses
  • Lost wages
  • And more

Steps to Your Infant Brain Damage Lawsuit

When you are ready to file suit for a case, you will need to first sit down and talk to a lawyer. It is always best to have a lawyer on your side because they can help you navigate through the legal and medical terms.

One of the most difficult things to do is prove a doctor’s negligence in a medical case. It can be hard for you to show that your child’s medical provider showed negligence and that he or she acted outside of his or her scope of work.

Your lawyer will be able to help you obtain the information you need and review your child’s medical records and the birthing medical records to determine where fault lies.

File Your Lawsuit Within the Time Limit

Most of the time, an infant brain injury case will fall under a personal injury case and there is a two year statute of limitations from when the injury was diagnosed. You need to make sure that you are able to file suit before the statute date comes up, otherwise, you will find that your case may never make it to court.

Although you do not have to file the case right away, keep an eye on the timeline. You can spend time sitting at your child’s bedside and caring for him or her instead of worrying about a lawsuit right away.

How Long Does a Suit Last?

The timeline for a suit can vary depending on the severity of the case and other factors such as testimony if needed and the schedule of the court. You can reasonably expect the case to take months and sometimes up to a year. It is not uncommon for cases to extend far beyond one year as well.

You will receive any awarded compensation after the case is closed, but you may not receive it right away, which means that you will need to wait longer. Often, immediate compensation will kick into place to cover your medical bills and you may need to wait on the rest of the compensation.

Hire an Attorney Now

If you believe you have a case, you need to speak with an experienced attorney right away to help you. The sooner you file the case, the easier it will be to grab the information related to the case and keep the files updated with new information.

Your attorney will work diligently to help you recover as much compensation as possible for you and your inured child. Don’t wait any longer and speak to a local experienced attorney.

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