Infant Brain Damage FAQs

FAQIf your child or a child you love is suffering through infant brain damage, you may be concerned about it, but you may not fully understand it either. It is important for you to read through the following FAQs to learn more about the condition, symptoms, and prognosis of the condition.


What Is Infant Brain Damage?

Infant brain damage occurs when trauma to an infant’s brain has occurred. The trauma can be mild to severe and will carry a good or bad prognosis along with it. Sometimes, brain damage can occur during the birth or during an act that intentionally causes trauma to the child. Many times, babies who suffer from infant brain damage have health problems and disabilities.

What Does Cerebral Palsy Have to Do With the Brain?

Infant brain damage can occur and lead to a condition known as cerebral palsy. When this condition occurs, infants will have long-term health problems and often many disabilities. It is not uncommon for children to experience motor skill and developmental problems as well.

Will My Child Be Unconscious After a Brain Injury?

Children who experience brain damage or injury are not always unconscious and some of them may be awake when it occurs and even hours after it occurs. If the trauma is severe, the child is typically unconscious and will remain unconscious even after surgery has occurred. It is not always known whether a child will wake after surgery and if they are going to wake up, how long it could take.

Can Shaken Baby Syndrome Cause Brain Damage?

Yes. SBS, or shaken baby syndrome, is a common cause of infant brain damage and the condition can lead to serious problems with a child and in many cases, death. A child who undergoes SBS will typically have been shaken roughly by a caretaker.

What Causes Severe Brain Damage in Infants?

Severe brain damage in infants can be caused for a number of different reasons from a serious car accident to being thrown against a wall. When severe trauma occurs from child abuse, a child will suffer extreme damage to the brain and as the brain moves around inside the head, the infant loses their ability to function correctly.

What Is Infant Wrongful Death?

Infant wrongful death occurs when an infant dies as the result of negligent care provided to the child. Typically, this negligent care stems from a healthcare provider.

What Are the Symptoms of a Brain Injury?

There are a number of symptoms that can occur and lead one to believe that the child may have brain damage. Sometimes, unless brain damage is suggested, doctors may not recognize slight symptoms as the lesser signs often equate to symptoms in line with a sickness or cold. Some of the symptoms to watch out for include:

  • Problems eating
  • Changes in vision
  • High-pitched, screaming cries
  • Seizures
  • Extreme fussiness
  • Problems gaining weight
  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Jaundice
  • Fractures to the skull
  • Weak reflexes and movements

Will My Child Develop Normally if They Have a Brain Injury?

Yes and no. Some children do not have any lasting developmental problems while other children will miss their milestones and have trouble connecting with people and learning.

If you believe that your child has suffered from infant brain damage, it is important to seek the care of a physician right away. Only a doctor is able to officially diagnose brain damage and developmental delays in a child. Just because your child does not do one or two things that are suggested for their age group does not mean they have a problem.

If you do find that your child was abused by someone else, it is important to speak with an attorney specializing in these types of cases.